Thetford Guide - About Us Page

Hiya, we are Steve and Gill and we've been building web-sites for upwards of Nine yrs.

Providing us a remarkable sense of triumph and delight, we made this site, implementing an approach that we've actually been practicing for a time now, it certainly was very quite frustrating in some instances, nevertheless lots of fun to do and in due course gratifying.

Hopefully this online site isn't going to scare you off by using infuriating pop-up boxes, persistently trying to peddle you crap or get you to join for an e-newsletter you just don't wish to be sent (cramming your e-mail inbox with junk).

We do attempt to provide you with content that is interesting on almost every web page, even if we aren't embarrassed to own up to the fact that some of us do need to create a modest cash wherever feasible, to always keep our various websites operating, up to date and on the web.

We will be genuinely relieved, if you'll have as much joy looking at the site like we certainly experienced building it, then our goal is accomplished.

Enjoy, Gill and Stephen - January 2012.